Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Evolution of Photography - a brief floral journey through my photography career.

I'm a bit bored and also quite excited to be back in the blogosphere! So I thought I'd share with you some of my photography :)

I'm feeling happy so this week it's flowers - a collection of floral themed photography I've taken over the years...

Let's take a look...

These two pieces are called 'Joy' (top) and 'Serenity' (bottom) and were taken on an ancient Kyocera digital compact camera (ironic because it was the size and weight of a brick) for a Deviant Art photography class I enrolled in about 4/5 years ago. The idea was to use colour to convey emotion and as I didn't have much to hand I bought some flowers from sainsbury's and decided to place them against different backgrounds to see how the contrasts in colours made me feel. Alas the quality isn't great as the camera was very old but I still love these shots :)

After my little Kyocera began to breathe its last breaths, I got into lo-fi photography and still to this day collect lomography and vintage cameras. My first was my Lomo Fisheye. I snapped EVERYTHING I could find and some of my shots became hugely popular on Deviant Art. My particular favourites (and the most liked on Deviant Art) are the shots of the magnolia tree, with my bath towel even making a cameo appearance on the washing line! I'll defo be introducing you to more of my fisheye shots over time :)

And then the DSLR came into my life... my little Nikki <3 I love her to bits and I can't wait to kit her out with some new toys when I get some money (an appropriate lens for close up shots is first on my list - any advice please leave in the comment section below)! These are some of the floral pictures I have taken since I got her just shy of 18 months ago. The daffodil was the first flower picture I took on this camera. And here are the last two that I took only last week when I was procrastinating from revision...

Soon I hope to learn how to use RAW format so I can make my photographs the top-most quality. Really need to learn and download photoshop too... it's going to be a busy summer!

I hope you liked this colourful intro to the evolution of my photographic career. If you have any tips or tricks, or any feedback, please leave a comment in the comment section below and I'll get back to you ASAP :)

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