Thursday, 20 June 2013

Who needs a spa? Superdrug Face Masks Review Part 1

Think good facials. Think £30 at a spa or beauticians. 
Think good facials. Don't think 99p at your local Superdrugs.
Or do you?

Last week my friends and I had a bit of a girly pampering day, something I have never actually indulged in with friends before (being largely friends with guys or tomboys). We decided to add face masks to the agenda but our limited budgets led us to seek out the cheapest we could find. Our feet took us along to Superdrug where lo and behold we struck gold: rows of multicoloured sachets, 99p a pop, and 4 for the price of 3!

I picked these 4:
Here is part 1 of my reviews of the masks I bought...

Firstly I'll be reviewing the Sugar & Spice Self-Heating mask...

"Positively Brimming with all things nice! Relax and embrace the rich and comforting Cinnamon and Vanilla aroma of this Superdrug Sugar and Spice Self-Heating Mask, while the gentle warming sensation helps to open pores and cleanse away impurities. Enriched with Mediterranean Clay and Caramel, this mask will brighten your complexion and leave your skin silky soft and smooth to touch."

I started with this mask because I was intrigued about the cinnamon and vanilla (2 of my favourite flavours). I wasn't really bothered about what it did, I'm just addicted to sweet smelling things! Though the self-heating properties were also intriguing and I can't deny after 2 weeks of hellish exams the I did feel like some relaxation...

To apply this you need to wet your face with warm water first (presumably to activate the heating properties) and then spread it across your face with your fingertips. It's very gloopy and very messy (more so than clay or mud-based masks) so ensure you're stood over the sink, hair tied back, and not wearing anything you like very much! First thing you notice as soon as it hits your skin is a sudden and intense warming sensation, like you've just dunked your head in a hot bath. It's absolutely divine, if a little shocking at first. Secondly, the smell is just delicious, like a rich caramel! Just don't eat it, trust me it doesn't taste as good as it smells (note to all: don't drink/eat while the mask is on)...

Leave it on for about 15 mins or a little longer if you like, however I found that after about 30 mins (was waiting for the bathroom to be free...) it actually began to burn, so I wouldn't recommend leaving it on for much longer than about 20 minutes. Plus unlike other face masks that harden on your face with time, this just gets really runny and goes everywhere if its left too long In the meantime though it is quite relaxing and doesn't feel too uncomfortable on your face if you don't leave it on too long. 

Removing it is easy - just rinse off with warm water, pat dry with a towel, and moisturise with a moisturiser that's best suited to your skin. Now I have quite sensitive, blemish-prone skin, and whilst this mask did make my skin feel quite soft afterwards, it also made it quite red and a little sore (and I'm pretty confident it wasn't an allergic reaction). If that happens, don't worry, it doesn't last long! Just splash your face with a little cold water, put on a cooling moisturiser and wait a few minutes and it should settle.

Afterwards my skin still felt very warm and sweaty and whilst it did leave my skin fairly soft I didn't like the flushed feeling I was left with. That coupled with the soreness after removal, and the gloopy, drippy consistency put me off getting it again. You can get better results for less hassle with the other masks.

Pros: nice smell, relaxing warmth, soft skin afterwards.
Cons: too messy, not comfortable to sit anywhere outside the bathroom in, wouldn't recommend for sensitive skin or blemishes.


Part 2 of my mask reviews will be coming up shortly! Keep your eyes peeled and if you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment box below :)

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