Monday, 15 April 2013

Nail Polish Review - Essie 'Muchi Muchi'

Today I'm going to be looking at...
'Muchi Muchi' by Essie

Essie have been going since 1981 and have established a solid reputation for quality - being favoured by Queen Elizabeth herself! Their maHOOsive range of colours just can't be found anywhere else and that alone is enough to make me drool over their shelves...

Last week I lost my Essie virginity after making the most of Boots' current 3 for 2 make-up offer. I've been looking for the perfect pastel pink for ages and after trying shades from Topshop, Limecrime, and Model's Own that just did not compliment my skin tone I finally found a friend in 'Muchi Muchi'!

When I put on the first coat I have to say, it looked like strawberry milkshake - such a delicious looking colour! It's a soft and creamy pink that's pale yet still vibrant. The website describes it as having a "kiss of mauve" but I would say there's more of a peachy-rose tint instead. Whether the formula has changed I don't know but whatever it is I love it just as it is!

As a pale girl, light pinks tend to look much brighter on me than they should and often make my hands look bizarrely dirty. However the softness of Muchi Muchi feels like it was made for my skin and I would recommend this highly to other fair ladies out there!

Above: with flash. Below: without flash, room-lit. 
Real colour is more true to the bottom image, if a little paler.

As with many pale shades it takes a few coats to get the colour - 3 would be the optimum, with 4 the most ideal to hide the nail line if you're particularly bothered about it. It goes on smoothly and dries very quickly so you can have all the coats done in a matter of minutes and be ready to get on with your day. (Just be warned - as always putting on many layers makes it more sticky and likely to smudge so don't do anything too nail-intensive right away!)

When applied, Muchi Muchi has a lovely glossy finish almost removing the need for a top coat - though of course I would always recommend adding one to ensure it lasts as long as possible. True to Essie's reputation, the quality is superb and when I wore it last week it survived 3 days without chipping until I plonked a coat of Models 'Own Indian Ocean' on top (click here for review of that). I wouldn't be surprised if it lasted even longer than that and if I can resist the urge to put something else over it I will update you with how it's lasting!

Now for the nitty gritty...

From Superdrugs and Boots you can get Muchi Muchi for £7.99 (or 799 advantage card points from Boots). US shoppers can get it from the Essie website for $8. It's not the cheapest out there but I can guarantee you it is worth every penny.

Now the sun is coming out and Spring has finally overcome Winter, Muchi Muchi is definitely my new favourite shade for the season!


I want to hear from some other skin tones! Who else has tried Muchi Muchi and what do you think? How does it look on you? Are there any skin tones that should steer clear of this shade? Comment below!!

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