Monday, 22 April 2013

My bank account is weeping...

Student loans are here again and any student reading this knows what that means... SHOPPING TRIP!!!!

And of course what better way to burn a hole in your pocket than being exploited by the high-street who know full well your bank account has just been replenished!

Intrigued? Find out more... :)

Trinity Leeds (the new £multi-billion shopping centre in Leeds) hosted our first Student lock-in event with offers of up to 20% off in all stores and up to 50% off the restaurants and cafes ONLY for students. 

Needless to say I straight in the queue and had a really enjoyable evening indulging in a few treats along the way! Tomorrow I am going to make a point of showing you guys what I got today, and will FINALLY get round to the start of my trendspotting series! So that's a head's up on what's to come soon :)

Now have a pic of myself and my friends all excited in the queue...

Anyone else at the lockin this evening? Anyone been to one in their cities? Comment below :D

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