Monday, 15 April 2013

Little girl lost...

Let me tell you a story...

"Once upon a time there was a little girl lost.

Day by day the world flew past her and faded into the distance leaving her surrounded by darkness. There was a time when the world flew too quick for her to notice and she went about her days blissfully unaware. But eventually the little girl became a little lady and with that the world became more noticeable. 

As it lingered around her, her eyes widened. She could feel a rush of freedom and the energy of life within reach. There came a time when she could run her fingers through it, feel it intertwined with her. But with each grasp, it moved further away, taunting her.

Each time she was left alone she felt something she had never encountered before. It was uncomfortable - a sense of emptiness tinged with a tugging on her heart one could only describe as painful longing. There was a time when she could shrug this off, but with time and age this feeling intensified and she felt her heart might explode. 

Stuck in an endless cycle of loss and loneliness the girl changed. Her smile faded, her innocence turned into cynicism, her energy became fatigue, her life became...

But the world kept on going, it didn't notice her slip into the darkness. 

To her it was everything, but to it she was just a blur...."

Do you ever have those moments when you feel like the world is leaving you behind?

Like you're stuck in a moment in time - your clock has stopped and you haven't got any spare batteries? The world is moving on without you and you're just stood there watching it fade into he distance?

There are some days when it feels like the tunnel is too long to see the light. I guess those days you just gotta suck it up and remember that it will get better.

But when those days happen more and more it gets so much harder remember...


  1. this is gorgeous.. your writing is beautiful <3