Tuesday, 30 April 2013

I Spy... Pastel!

Sorry this is so late! Been insanely busy.

I've never been the girliest of girls but there's one thing I'm without question incredibly girly about and that is style! 

I don't believe in following trends because not all trends work on everyone and frankly why should we have to waste that much money every season just because some fashion haus somewhere tells us we have to change? BUT that doesn't mean I can't enjoy what wanders down the catwalk and into the highstreet. I believe that the most important way to approach fashion is to enjoy what you love and what works for you. And on that note I'm going to tell you about one of my favourite looks of the moment - pastel!

Let's reacquaint ourselves with our feminine sides with soft girly shades! Pretty pinks, luscious lilacs, marvellous mints, beautiful blues, lovely lemons and perfect peaches (alliteration skills over 9000): the perfect palette for spring. It always surprised me how well pastel colours can be worn on anyone, complimenting even the palest of skin tones. Make the most of it as this season the highstreet is full of it - perfect for Spring and Summer! 

Let me take you through some of my key pieces...

 The cardigan you see in the main picture is this lovely little number from (would you know it) Primark! I was lucky enough to get it for just £5 in the sales and I have to say it was love at first sight. It's a mix of different pastel colours so goes with most things in my wardrobe. Plus the little silver threads make it sparkle in the light... gorgeous!

You may have seen the Google advert about the lady who started the Cambridge Satchel Company. If so you'll appreciate how much these bags are made with love. Now a major fashion must-have, Cambridge satchels come in a variety of different shades. Last summer they released their pastel collection with bags in lilac, pink, duck egg blue, and lemon. Naturally they sold out very quickly but I managed to get hold of one in their clearance collection in September in this lovely lilac shade! This year they've introduced a new pastel palette in the form of the Chelsea Collection, based on the colours of the Chelsea flower show.

The sun has finally got its hat on and come out to play recently after the insanely late winter we had in the UK. And what better way to celebrate with some fun coloured shades? Both of these are from Limited Collection at Marks and Spencer. The lilac comes in nicely under a tenner and is also available in pink and white. The blue is £15 and only available in blue. Plus the cat's eye style looks incredibly glamorous!

From shades to shelter, just because we have sunshine now doesn't mean we can forget about the bad weather! Snap up a cute pastel umbrella like this for just £4 from Primark! Best thing about it is that it's spring-loaded so you don't even have to faff about to get it open... just hit a button and it opens up smoothly. Plus how cute are those frills?!

Who said pastels had to be totally girly? My favourite way to wear feminine styles is to contrast with more masculine pieces. Whether its a floaty dress with a big vintage denim jacket, or a lacy skirt with doc martens or creepers, I love the contrast! Studs are a great way of achieving this and are another big trend of the moment too. These headbands from Topshop are a lovely addition to any outfit especially as we approach festival season. The one in the forefront of the picture is even on sale at half price, so snap it up while you can!

Why should your phone be left out? All these cases can be found on ebay. I usually get mine from sellers in Hong Kong as they're much cheaper and you're only really paying for postage. All the cases here were bought for less than a fiver! And this isn't even my entire collection.... #ihaveaproblem

Going back to hair accessories, nothing says feminine like a bow in your hair! These clips from Claire's are delightfully delicate and won't break the bank at just £4.50 for a pack of 3.

Finally complete your look with candy colour make-up such as these shades by Model's Own and Essie. Check out my reviews for 3 of the shades you can see here by clicking these links:

Who here likes pastel? What pastel items do you have in your wardrobe? I'd love to see so post your pics and comments below :)

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