Sunday, 21 April 2013

Nail Polish Review - Models Own 'Grape Juice'

I realise it's not been very long since I last reviewed a nail polish, but as I'm back in clinical practice from Tuesday I won't be able to wear nail polish except on weekends, also I'm going out tomorrow evening, so I'm making the most of it while I can!

I present to you...

Models Own - 'Grape Juice'

Grape Juice is a delicious shade from the new 'Fruit Pastel' collection. This collection incorporates scent and style featuring beautiful pastel colours bang on trend for this season, all with a tasty olfactory treat. Grape Juice, funnily enough, is meant to smell like grape juice (go figure), though I must admit there's a strong hint of apple which makes me wonder what their Apple Pie shade smells like! Not that it matters, it still smells divine, and its a nice change from the usual chemical scent of your standard nail polish. This is not my first scented polish. Last year I invested in Revlon's 'Grape Fizz' which I have to say is in my top 10 nail polishes, so I'm interested how this will compare.

Let's get it out...

As you can see the bottle has the added pleasure of a scratch and sniff panel so you can test out the scents before you buy. The scent isn't particularly strong but it's very much there. Its a charming little addition but be warned... sniffing your nails in public may result in funny looks from passers by :P

 Above: without flash, room-lit. Below: with flash. 
Real colour is truer to the top image.

It took me only 2 coats to get a good colour and a 3rd to hide the nail line. It goes on smoothly and dries pretty fast. It's a fairly viscous polish so it can go on a little gloopy if you dont wipe enough off the brush. However this isn't really a problem, just something to be aware of. It is very well pigmented giving a vibrant but soft lilac that I'm sure would compliment most if not all skin tones!

Once dried, Grape Juice gives a nice glossy finish that would be well enhanced with a good top coat. Being Models Own I trust that it will last well but as I have to remove it after a day I can't really comment... 

Now for the nitty gritty...

As with all Models Own polishes this comes in at a bargain £5! Available to by at Boots stores or online, ASOS (don't forget 10% student discount and free p&p), or from the Models Own website directly, I would strongly recommend this for a fun and colourful Spring/Summer shade!



  1. Great review! Very detailed. Looks like a really pretty polish! :D


    1. Thank you my love :D i'd defo recommend it! Really sad I have to take it off for placement tomorrow :( xxx