Friday, 12 April 2013

Lippy review - 'Poisonberry' by Limecrime

So I'm going to start my lipstick reviews with my favourite colour - purple!! I've always loved purple everything but purple lipstick is something I've only dared to try in the last year... and I haven't done it by halves. In 12 months I've gone from owning a grand total of zero purple shades to owning at least 5 (seriously they're all over the place I've lost track lol)! As a very fair-skinned girl I've always been a bit hesitant with dark colours but when I finally found my perfect red shade a few years ago (which I will be reviewing at a later date) I realised it didn't hurt to try and was inspired to be a bit more daring with my shades. Now I have LOADS of deep shades which I absolutely adore and have had numerous compliments on.

With a grunge and goth inspired fashion scene it's currently really easy to find a wide range of deep and sexy lipstick shades with reds, purples, and browns the top choice for the trend. I challenge you lovely ladies out there (and gents if you so wish ^_^) to challenge youself to try something new you wouldn't usually go for. You never know you may be as surprised as I was!

Anyway enough chat, onto the review!

Today I'll be reviewing 'Poisonberry' from Limecrime's Alchemy collection.

A relatively new brand on the cosmetics scene, Limecrime has already established itself as a true great. Fantastic quality, beautiful range of products and colours, and a dedicated and truly deserved fanbase, Limecrime celebrates uniqueness and daring and encourages users to be colourful and stand out from the crown. Its creator Doe Deere is as stunning as her makeup and is truly a rising entrepreneurial star. (Check out her Facebook here.)

In October 2012 to coincide with Halloween Limecrime released their Alchemy range with some truly bewitching new colours including Poisonberry - a stunningly rich "Cadbury's" purple lipstick with berry and pink undertones. 

Let's open her up!

Its got a shiny almost metallic sheen to it which in lesser brands often means it super dries out your lips, however in this case, as is true to Limecrime's nature, it is lovely and moist making your lips feel soft and supple. The quality feels amazing. It goes on smoothly and stays on well. Apply one coat for a rich colour and go over it again for a deeper shade. The colour is pretty true to the website image (seen at the top of this page). The flash on my phone doesn't lend well to it unfortunately but you can still see that even with a light layer of lipstick you still get a rich and vibrant shade. 

Fair, rosey, tanned, olive, and dark skin unite, this is a colour that does well for all! The pinky undertones compliment the fairer skinned whilst the vibrant purple stands out beautifully on those with darker skin tones.

I got a bit lazy and just went over my lips once. 
Left is with flash, right is without.

Whats more is that it lasts for a few hours before reapplication is needed - even stays well when eating and drinking! Even when it's worn off it lives a nice pinky stain on the lips for long-lasting colour. This can easily be removed with a decent make-up remover or cleanser and a bit of elbow grease ;)

What I love most about this shade is the sheen. It creates a lovely 3D effect which suits lips of all shapes. If you have thinner lips it makes them look fuller, whilst already full lips look more luscious. Team it up with a good lip pencil such as MAC's 'Vino' to define shape and prevent colour bleeding.

Now to the nitty gritty.... 

Well this isn't the cheapest lipstick out there but it is certainly not overpriced and is definitely worth every penny! Buy directly from Limecrime and it will set you back $15.99 (around £10) plus $10.95 delivery (around £6). This is usually a good option if other sellers are sold out and/or you are buying many products at once. However the international delivery charges mean UK buyers are probably best off seeking out a different source. sell Limecrime lipsticks for £11.50 and offer free 2nd class delivery if you spend over £30 (or £2.95 otherwise).

Other sellers worth checking out include love-makeupcocktail cosmetics, and ebay.

Don't forget all limecrime products are Vegan friendly and free from animal cruelty :)

What more could you want?!


Next time I'll be reviewing MAC's 'Hang-Up' :)