Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Girliest Nails in the World... Vintage Rose Nail Art Part 3

Not that I'm obsessed with rose nails or anything... but here's another rose nail art post!
Previously I've shown you my blue and white look, and my shabby chic look, and now I present to you, the girliest nails in the world...

 Pink, purple, hearts, and flowers... 
I don't mean to gender stereotype but DAYUM that's girly!

This look was made in a similar fashion to my previous two, with the rose colours the same as in my shabby chic look, just over a lilac shade instead of blue. So you may be thinking why am I bothering to show you this? Well 3 things really...

1. My perfect purple... well lilac actually. I finally found it! After seeing it featured in a few blog posts, I fell in love with Barry M's 'Berry Ice Cream'. A stunningly feminine pastel purple, I knew I had to have it. I have a number of lilac shades in my arsenal but for some reason none of them have ever felt quite perfect to me - either too pink, or too blue usually. I decided to give this one a go and from the moment it struck my nails it was love. I HAD to try it out in something ultra feminine to start with and as there's been a bit of a theme going with my nails recently I decided what better way than to continue it on with my new fave shade :)

Barry M 'Berry Ice Cream'

2. Paint all the flowers... I decided for this look to have flowers on all the nails as my previous looks felt a little bare. I was going to experiment with my new striping tape but tbh I'm not used to using it yet and I was dangerously close to throwing the reel out the window after my initial attempts... so I figured I'd just have roses everywhere! But this still seemed a little boring, so I tried something else new...

3. Spread the love... I've been so intrigued by other artist's "scotch tape" stencil designs that I HAD to try it for myself. I thought the best way to start would be the simple heart look. To do this...
  • I took a piece of sticky tape (cello tape, scotch tape, whatever you wanna call it) and stuck it on the back of my hand repeatedly to remove enough glue from the bottom so as to not ruin my nails. 
  • I folded both edges of the tape on themselves so that they would not stick together when I cut out my shape. 
  • Next I folded the piece in half (the edges prepared in the previous step meant that I could open the tape up again with ease), and cut half a heart so that when I opened it I got a whole heart.
  • On COMPLETELY dry nails (not even tacky, make sure they're totally dry) place the stencil where you want and paint your desired colour over it.
  • Whilst the paint is still wet, carefully remove the tape.
  • Let your pattern dry, add a topcoat, and there you go!
And here's the finished product close-up :)

Contrary to what these posts might show, these aren't the only nails I've done recently! I actually did my first ombré tribal design just before these nails which I will be showing you in my next post, so look out for that :D In the meantime though, I'd love to see some of your rosey nail looks! Pop your links in the comment section below :)

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