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Who needs a spa? Superdrug Face Masks Review Part 3

I think its about time I did another face mask review, don't you?

So I'm on part 3 of my reviews on the Superdrug face masks! I've lost count of how many I've got left to do... but let's just see what happens shall we? So far I have covered:

This time its the turn of the Superfruits Exfoliating Mask!

"This really is super! Superdrug Superfruits Exfoliating Mask with extracts of blueberry, raspberry, and cranberry deeply cleanses and purifies pore, while natural clay helps to absorb excess oil which can leas to breakouts. Strawberry seeds gently exfoliate the skin for a complexion so clear and bright you'll stand out from the crowd."
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First Impressions: There are 3 things I loved about this before I even put it on my face. Firstly the fact that its exfoliating. I have skin that swings between oily and dry as a bone and the one thing in my skincare routine I find is the most vital of all is exfoliating. I use the St Ives Apricot Scrub for blemish prone skin every time I shower and it always makes my skin feel so good. I look forward to trying new exfoliators and as I'm new to the face mask game, the prospect of a mask and exfoliator in one was too much to resist! Secondly was the smell... there's not much to say about that other than DAYUUUMM! I just wanted to eat it, not put it on my face! Thirdly, and it sounds a bit daft, but I really loved the colour. Purple's my favourite colour so buying this mask was a given. I've never seen a facemask this colour and I thought it was a nice touch!

Application: As with the Dead Sea Clay mask from my previous review, apply over a cleansed, dry face, taking care to avoid the eyes and lips. As seems to be the theme with these masks, there will likely be a large amount left in the sachet once you've covered your whole face. Remember you can top it up a bit with what's left!

While its On: What I loved about this mask was that I didn't get any weird tingling or burning than the previous two masks I used! I know that was a given with the contents of them but it was nice to have a mask that felt a little more soothing. On top of that, it smelt absolutely divine, with a fruity, summery aroma perfect for this glorious weather! If you're not into sweet fruity smells though it could be a little sickly as its pretty pungent.

I wanted to smile, but I couldn't move my face...

Removal: Leave on for 10-15 minutes (though I tend to leave it on for as long as I can be bothered, usually around 30 minutes, as it makes for a deeper clean) and then rinse off with warm water. Removing isn't the easiest thing in the world as the mask is very thick and sticks to your face a bit, but the combination of the warm water and the strawberry seeds in the mask turns it into an exfoliating face wash that is a lovely ending if perhaps an unintentional one on Superdrug's part. Just make sure you moisturise your face afterwards :D

Afterwards: The blurb promises a deep clean, purified pores, removal of excess oil, and gentle exfoliation. Did it deliver? Why yes it did! My face felt beautifully clean, soft, smooth, and definitely oil free. It didn't feel as fabulous as with the Dead Sea mask, my pores didn't look as tight and my blackheads weren't as reduced, but it still felt good and I would definitely use it again. 

The verdict?
Pros: looked good, smelt good, great results.
Cons: not quite as deep a clean as expected, no real difference to blackheads.


Part 4 of my reviews will be coming shortly! Any questions or comments leave in the comment section below :)

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