Friday, 24 May 2013

Exam eyes? A little additional advice.

Quick update in relation to my review of Simple's new revitalising eye roll-on. I forgot to add that products like these aren't the only solution to the hang-ups of exam stress! 

Make sure you drink plenty of water, take short breaks away from computer screens, eat properly, and try to get around 6-7 hours sleep a night if you can. (The 8 hours thing is a fallacy: studies have shown that the body needs around 6-7 hours a night to maximise life-span and improve daily functioning. Any more or less actually has negative consequences in the long-run.) 

Cooled slices of cucumber placed on the eyes while you take a 5/10 minute revision break will help reduce puffiness and moisturise eyes, and are a cheap and simple alternative to the roll-ons! I reserve my roll-on use for when I'm really feeling the strain and nothing else is cutting it, or I'm out and about and need a boost.

Vitamin C, ideally from freshly squeezed orange juice, will help keep your skin and yourself perky and healthy, boosting brain power and stopping stress spots from taking over.

These things may seem obvious but it is really easy to forget when you're bogged down with revision. Don't let exam stress get you down, summer is so close we can almost touch it!!

Good luck everyone :D

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