Friday, 24 May 2013

Exam eyes? A solution... Simple 'Kind To Eyes Revitalising Roll-on' review.

You with the sad eyes...

Don't be discouraged, oh I realise it's hard to have fresh eyes in a world full of revision, you can lose sight of it all... 

Cheesy paraphrased lyrics aside, I'm sure I'm not the only one out there feeling the exam stress, and with that, the bad skin and tired eyes that come with it. Whether its GCSEs, A levels, or university exams, it's very easy to let yourself go at this time of year and the one thing I've noticed I suffer from the worst is tired eyes. 

Eye strain from staring at computer screens all day, trawling through lecture notes, and not getting enough sleep can make you feel pretty rubbish and can cause horrible tension headaches/migraines. But why should we have to suffer? I found a quick and easy solution for when my eyes are feeling the pressure...

Simple are rarely disappointing when it comes to vitalizing products for sensitive skin and their 'Kind to Eyes Revitialising Eye Roll-on' is no exception. 

Containing vitamin B5 and cucumber extract, this roll-on serum is cooling and soothing, provide moisture to tired, dry eyes and (so they claim) helping to reduce puffiness. Roll onto the area around your eye, including lids and brow-bone if you so wish, in a circular motion from inside to out for best effects. Any residual serum left just gently smooth into the skin with your fingertips.

I found this product to work so well in revitalising my eyes. The cold metal of the roller ball I found was soooooooo comforting when my eyes were really strained. It definitely helped my eyes feel more awake, and as a result, myself feel more awake! Can't deny that's very useful with a mountain of revision still left to do. There's no limit to how often you use it so you can just put it on whenever you feel the need. 

As for the puffiness I can't really comment just yet but I will re-review this in a few weeks if I see any difference! What I have noticed though is that there is a slight tightening sensation as the product is absorbed, which leads me to think that it is doing it's job.

This product contains no perfume or colour and is ideal for sensitive skin like mine. I'm usually very cautious of eye products as often too-rich or ingredient-heavy products give me terrible headaches and sore eyes. However this product does none of that and is perftecl for anyone sensitive to cosmetics.

What I particularly like about this product is unlike some of the others on the market this one comes in a small and simple hand-bag sized tube (15ml) so you can take it anywhere with you. I prefer to put it on bare skin but as it soaks in quickly and leaves no residue there's no reason you can't put it over make-up as well!

Now for the nitty gritty...

Coming in at £4.99 at Boots and Superdrug it might feel a bit much for such a small product. However, as you only need a small amount each time, and other products on the market are MUCH more expensive, I truly believe it is a worthwhile investment. (Especially if you can find it cheaper at places like BodycareHome Bargains, Savers etc where I got mine for around only £2!)


Find more info about the product and its contents on the Simple website.
Good luck to anyone with exams still to come :)

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